Solpurpose – the visionary art portal

Hey psychedelic and visionary art fans! Today I wanna tell you about a great web-site called Solpurpose.

I’ve ran into it some time ago and I really liked it. You can find lots of stuff there. Not just images – there are music and visionary culture posts too! But what I like the best are the interviews that come with every featured artist post.

Solpurpose is a visionary culture portal, so it’s a bit narrowed in style. Anyway people who run this project do a great job and provide the users with excellent content!

Below I’m posting several images I’ve found on Solpurpose:

Athene Artemisia

Luminous beings by Amanda Sage

Meditation by Ira Ratry

Thermo Horizon by Adam Scott Miller

Hope you guys will like Solpurpose as much as I do!

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