Plans about the Psychedelic clothes and accessories shop

Hey psychedelic people! Today I’d like to tell you a bit of my plans for late spring and early summer.

It’s been a while since I’ve started this psychedelic art and design blog – in fact more than a year. I’ve been posting lots of inspiration and free content during this period. What I always want to add to this blog was a psychedelic art shop where people could find trance clothes, psychedelic posters and different organic objects that will make their reality more vivid, intense and magic.

I know there is a button “Shop” up there but unfortunately it’s not a real shop – just links to my Redbubble portfolio.

As you might already know I’ve been traveling for the last 5 month and right now I’m in Northern Thailand far away from my home in Moscow (Russia). I’ve been surrounded by beautiful Nature most of time while me and my girlfriend went to Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Thailand again. I knew that it’s not going to last forever and by April 17th we’ll be back to Moscow, which is not the most eco-friendly and inspiring place to live in.

I know many people have the same problems. So I was thinking of how I can make living in concrete jungle more green and psychedelic at the same time. I came up with lots of product ideas that can serve this cause. Some of them were self-invented and some were inspired by other peoples art and design. Take a look at my Pinterest profile to take a look at some concepts I’ve found on the web. Here is a short list of product categories for my psychedelic shop:

  • Clothes
  • Accessories
  • Lights
  • Bio-spheres
  • Meditation helpers
  • Green walls

When I come back home in late April I’m going to start right away creating different objects. Some of them are for decorating your home (Bio-spheres, Green walls, Light) and some are for putting on (Clothes) or for active usage (Meditation helpers and Accessories). I think it’ll take me about a month to create several products and set up the shop’s web-site.

Speaking of a web-site it’s going to be in two languages – English and Russian. Most of the products will be available for sale worldwide, but the ones that contain living plants will be sold in Moscow only. Anyway I’ll be posting tutorials on most of the artworks and objects I create for the shop.

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