New January 2015 Customer

Hey everyone! I’m looking for new customers again :) You might remember the similar postI wrote about a month ago. After I’ve posted it I’ve got 3 emails. Fortunately one of the guys who emailed me decided to collaborate on a commercial basis right away, the other one was my old-time reader that I really loved to help and the third one is a young musician who needs an album cover. I decided that I can do 2 free illustrations instead of one. So I’ve already accomplished the commercial project – a logo and a t-shirt design – and I’ll show you it later this month. The album cover is still in progress and the artwork for Ben Blohowiak is ready and he seems to be happy with it :). You can see the artwork below. There is another thing I wanted you to check out is Ben’s project Hyperland. I hope some of you might find it inspiring and maybe join the development. Here is a short description:

Inspired by Edwin Abbott’s mathematical allegory Flatland: a Romance of Many Dimensions and recent psychological research, Hyperland may be thought of as a simulated world inspired by geometry as it relates to the habits and boundaries of human perceptual capabilities. Its central question: to what extent are humans capable of perceiving and operating in four spatial dimensions, with the fourth dimension being a spatial continuum that cosmologists, mathematicians, and molecular chemists alike have posited the existence of to address challenges in their respective fields?

Heart eye by Andrei Verner

Coming back to free illustrations…

The rules are the same. Send an email to with subject “New January 2015 Customer” and a short description of the project. I’ll pick one person who gonna get the work done for free (!!!) on January 1st. Everyone else will get a friendly quote for their projects.

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