My past and future trips

Hey guys! What’s up? I’ve been offline for a while and now it is time to get back to blogging I guess. Several things have happened while I was not posting.

Trip to Kalmykia

The most important thing I did lately was going to Kalmykia for a buddhist retreat. I have not been to Russia for quite a long time and it was great to reunite with my buddhist community and spend more than a week without checking Facebook and worrying about projects. On top of that the weather was great +40 during the day and +16-20 during the night. I was sleeping in a tent right behind the temple and I was watching sunrise in the steppe every day.

Buddhist Temple and stupa in Troitskoe, Kalmykia near Elista

Setting a huge goal

I don’t usually work on projects that last more than a month ’cause they start to bother me and I tend to forget they even exist after a certain period of time. But it looks like it is time to move forward and I’ve planned a really-really big artwork that is going to form a whole interior. I’m going to finish it in May 2017. Below is a fragment of composition.

Shaman and the Mushroom Spirit

Moving to St. Petersburg suburbs

Moving to a small apartment in a St. Petersburg suburb is a bit shocking after living in a huge house in Bali. But it is a great opportunity to work with less distractions since it is a bit isolated and get inspiration from St. Petersburg ’cause it is relatively close. The other thing that is a mystery to me is how I’m going to survive the snow ha-ha! Seriously, it is going to be a challenge to stay positive without seeing sun for days. A lot of black puer tea is going to be drunk.

Neva river. St. Petersburg night

See ya around :)

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