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Hey guys! What’s up? Today I’d like to talk a bit about gratitude. The reason I chose this topic for my post is this awesome animation by Kurzgesagt. Please take few minutes to check it out before you continue reading my post :)

In case you’ve skipped the animation – it’s about how experiencing gratitude is beneficial for you life.

Luckily I’ve started doing this thing they teach you in the animation with writing a list of things I’m grateful for about 3 months ago (I’m doing it a bit different but the idea is the same). And I should say it is beneficial! It’s not solving all my problems but it definitely gives me energy and a better mood. The list that I’ve written was constant till today and this is how it looks like (I will keep my comments brief since any item on the list can be a topic for a separate post):

My precious human life and the possibilities it gives
Well, first things first. Without this life pretty much everything would be impossible for me to do and achieve.

Marina <3
My wife, my absolutely best friend, my true soulmate! She is super important to me and she is defining a huge part of my life and my identity. Love her with all my heart!

My big family
We might not meet too often living in different counties (Russia, Israel, Belarus and Canada) but I always feel connected to the members of my family and I feel their support and I try to give my energy to them as well.

My teachers, specially my spiritual teacher
Living is constant learning and it is such a luck to meet a great teacher in any field. Luckily among all the good teachers I’ve met, 3 were exceptional and they have made a huge impact on my mind.

My equipment
That’s pretty simple – I love what I’m doing and I love the instruments that I’m using :)

My geographical location
First of all I don’t like European winter. After almost 10 years of living in different countries – Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, USA, Montenegro and Russia – we have settled in Israel. After living here for almost 2 years I can tell this is country where I personally grow better and the climate is nice here.

My friends
Maybe it’s good karma, but I almost never meet assholes :) I have many good friends and even though most of them live in other countries I love them and the connection we share is awesome!

My skills
Well this is basically what helps me communicate with this reality. Can’t really imagine my life without drawing, painting, designing and doing all other creative stuff that makes up my professional life.

My health
I’m 35 now and I definitely feel I’m not a teenager anymore yet my body is still in a good condition and I know this contributes a lot to my success in every sphere.

Now it’s time to announce the new itemы on my gratitude list:

My freelance projects partners and customers
Not a single jerk! Plus we are on the same page about different things – not only project-related. And on top of that we create cool stuff together!

My fans
I don’t know why I have not added you earlier! I’m really sorry for being so self-centered :) Your support means so much to me! Without you guys there would be very little sense in creating art! I really want to enchant you and bring more magic to your lives with my open-eye visuals :) Receiving all the likes, comments and finances is not just an ego-cherishing experience – it’s a proof that my art is touching your hearts.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Andrei Verner over Alien Enlightenment UV-Reactive Print

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