Interview with Simon Haiduk

Hi all! You might have already heard about Simon Haiduk (even from me). Hi’s a great psychedelic artist from Canada. Today I’m presenting interview with Simon. Hope you’ll find it as inspiring as I did!

Hey Simon, could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Simon Haiduk.  I’m an artist from Kimberley, British Columbia, Canada.  I primarily work with visual mediums like painting, and other digital media.  I also play music, and love to bring the idea of art and creativity into every aspect of life. 

Simon Haiduk

How come you became a psychedelic artist?

In 2004 I had a peak mystical experience that lead me into world of exploring a new way of creating from connection to what I might call “spirit”.  I feel a passion to align with a living grace that weaves through all things and use that as a source for which to live life and create from.

I wouldn’t define myself with the label of a “psychedelic artist”, although I do see how my art could be called psychedelic.  Labels are labels, and they can mean this or that.

Music and visual art have been in my life since I was very young, and they seem to help me in the process of harmonizing with divine grace so that it may resonate into other areas of my life and the people around me.

Choice and Deliverance by Simon Haiduk

What is psychedelic art for you?

When you break it down, the multidimensional layers of all things are so magnificent, that everything is psychedelic.  
I paint with an intention of allowing life to enter the painting, and this could be seen as psychedelic. Not all my works include the full rainbow of colors often associated with psychedelic art.
I also paint with a resonant memory of mystical experiences that I’ve had which come out in the art as recognizable archetypes of those realms to other people.  This is often what is referred to as psychedelic, if one has used those as a gateway to an experience which influences the art.  Since I see all life as psychedelic, that is what my art is.

Reincarnation by Simon Haiduk

You are traveling a lot, aren’t you? What is the most inspiring place you’ve visited?

I don’t actually travel to far and wide, as I find more good art shows to take part in somewhat locally.  This is compared to a global level.  Though I have been to Central and South America and they were very amazing places to visit. However I love many places on Earth, and my home nestled in the Purcell mountains looking over to the Rockies is high up on my list of most inspiring places.   I’m very fond of the California Coastal Redwood forests as well.

Spiritual Evolution by Simon Haiduk

Nature seems to be a great source of inspiration for you. Do you do art at home or go into the woods?

I sometimes sketch in nature, but generally create final works in my studio.

Your Majesty by Simon Haiduk

What is your favorite medium?

I don’t have one.  They’re all great, and all offer amazing things to explore. Digital mediums are typically more versatile and is my current main medium.

Blossoming_Invitation by Simon Haiduk

Are you involved in any psychedelic community events?

I curate a large art gallery at Shambhala Music festival, and sometimes show art at other events that are connected to a psychedelic scene.

 Art gallery at Shambhala Music festival by Simon Haiduk
 Art gallery at Shambhala Music festival by Simon Haiduk

What do you think of future of psychedelic art? Can it become a main stream?

In this case I’ll refer to psychedelic art as the dictionary states as: having the vivid colours and complex patterns popularly associated with the visual effects of psychedelic states. (similar to what in an earlier answer).

My guess is that as long as people are alive in a similar physical manner as now, they will continue to take psychedelics and there will continue to be psychedelic art.
Of course it could become mainstream, but who knows really?  It’s certainly not now, and is often frowned upon by mainstream art societies which I think is a shame.  With that said, I see more and more of it, and I think that it’s fulfilling it’s purpose in the way it needs to for now.

Clover Grove by Simon Haiduk

Thanks Simon, it was a pleasure to talk with you a bit!

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