Interview with Inga Bach

Hello psychedelic guys and girls! Within this interview I’d like you to meet Inga Bach – psychedelic artist of many kinds from Leipzig, Germany. She is a person whom I sincerely admire – not only because she’s talented in many many ways (paintings, DJ’ing, making clothes and more!), but cause she’s so passionate about her art and it feels like she’s breathing it and creating it simultaneously.

Psychedelic trance DJ Inga Bach

Can you please introduce yourself?

I am a lucky girl.. got much creativity on my way of life. Beautiful mother earth give me inspiration and live energie. Also my friends and people I met and i was born i a crazy, strong family with long solid roots.
Psytrance is the music which push me up and fill me with power. Since i was a child i play piano and in 1999 i start DJing.
Also as a child i began my paintings. I used the painting time for cure & to dive deep in my interior world and create it.

Psychedelic art by Inga Bach

Why did you become a psychedelic artist?

,.. because i am psychedelic. i need to be creative its my passion. and psychedelic is more than one side. I am also not only one person,.. i am psycehedelic, like every being.

Psychedelic art by Inga Bach

How do you define psychedelic art?

,.. psy art shows you more than one side. Psychedelic is also the interior aspect. something witch you don’t see but you can feel it. its endless. and it is full of light and also filled with darkness.

Psychedelic art by Inga Bach

What is the difference between psychedelic and surreal art for you?

Psychedelic is with more details, is dark and light inside.
Surreal art shows you a like a pic of an other world an other reality, Pschedelic art is all is the reality, is a pic of millions of worlds!

Psychedelic art by Inga Bach

What is your favourite medium?

My own hand, my heart and all feelings during my painting or playing time! i love the brush, the colors and the instruments.

Do you use any special settings while doing art?

Its like meditation! In my working time, never mid if i paint or create a skirt, i love to listened to Audiobooks. it tell me a story and i can do my stuff for hours.

Psychedelic art by Inga Bach

Do you participate in any psychedelic trance events?

Yes! a lot. the next one is will make the full programm: Decoration, Livepainting and Djing

Psychedelic art by Inga Bach

How do you see the future of psychedelic community?

Its growing up! its the new world. its very important to open the peoples mind. the time now it the time of awakness. Many People will see and anderstand. everyone can be a part of the tool to upgrade the consciousness

Thank you so much for answering the questions!

To see more art by Inga Bach check out her web-site.

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