Psychedelic art by Simon Haiduk

Hey guys! Sorry for being offline for a while. Me and my girlfriend are traveling in South East Asia now and I had some problems with the internet. But we’ve settled up in Vietnam. So I’m back again at least for the next month and a half – then we’ll be moving to Thailand and maybe I’ll experience some problems with internet again. You can subscribe to my newsletter to be up to date!

Anyway, I’m really happy to be back with you people and today I have a nice inspiration post with psychedelic art by Simon Haiduk from Canada. Enjoy!

Synergenesis by Simon Haiduk
Sea Spirit by Simon Haiduk
Cosmic Frequency by Simon Haiduk
Bridging Worlds by Simon Haiduk
The Eye by Simon Haiduk
What is, and is, is endless by Simon Haiduk
Autumn Dream by Simon Haiduk

Check out more wonderful visionary art on Simon Haiduk’s web-site!

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