Extraordinary digital psychedelic paintings by George Atherton

Hello my psychedelic friends! Today I’m going to show you the stunning psychedelic digital paintings by George Atherton. I’ve just visited his web-site and I’m very impressed with his approach to art. I guess lots of people do art just for themselves, but George seems to be very altruistic person.

In my art, I work with visions of a harmonious, ecologically thriving world and Awakened states of being, in the hope that viewers of my work will joyfully manifest these states of being in their own lives.

I wouldn’t say it’s something new but definitely you don’t hear it everyday. And I love it! Hope you all will get inspired after seeing George’s art featured below.

Solar Citadel by George Atherton

Cyberspacial Telepathy by George Atherton

Pollenectar by George Atherton

Burmese Step by George Atherton

Tantric Marriage by George Atherton

photo of George Atherton

Check out more stunning paintings on George’s web-site!

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