Zion National Park, Utah – the pure inspiration

If you would ask me what is the most exciting and inspiring place I’ve been to, I’d definitely say it is Zion National Park.

But what is so cool about this place? Well, there are few elements that make this place so unique:

  1. The color palette. That includes red mountains, white snow, greenish Virgin River, pale very light grey (almost white) trees without the leaves, green fir and pine trees, blue sky. It looks very uncommon especially if you have never visited Utah.
  2. Fantasy spirit. When you enter the canyon you might have a feeling that it’s something out of this world. The road is red and yellow instead of grey and yellow, almost each building has a unique design, there are huge colorful gems lying in front of the shops, you might even see the deers walking across the street. The mountains look very friendly and cosy.
  3. Inspiration is all around. You don’t have to go to any particular place to get inspired. There are not too many hikes you can do in Zion (about 20 trails), but you can stand in almost any part of the park and just stare at the surrounding beauty.
  4. People are at some point enlightened. They are not just relaxed and friendly, it’s something more. No doubt, living in such amazing place effects people.
  5. The last but not least is quite good internet connection. It is usually something rare in such amazing places.

I’ve spent only 3 days in Zion but it was very important for my personal progress. What I’ve learned and I really want to share with you is it’s very important to live in place that you adore. I’m sure this can help develop persons skills and spirit dramatically. Living in a place that is OK is not the same. I’ve lived in different cities and countries where I felt comfortable and everything, but it never inspired me that much. I’m not sure that Zion is a perfect place to live all year long so I’ll be looking for more places to be able to switch between them.

Wish you all find a perfect place for living and creating! :)

Finally here is a small showcase of photographs my girlfriend has taken during our trip.

Zion National Park by Marina Nozyer

Zion National Park by Marina Nozyer

Zion National Park by Marina Nozyer

Zion National Park by Marina Nozyer

Zion National Park by Marina Nozyer

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You can see more of Marina’s photographs on her Flickr account or take a look at her Shutterstock portfolio.

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