Xsjado rollerblades

Living a life of a freelancer requires very little physical effort – you don’t need to go almost anywhere except business meetings and places to find food (supermarkets, cafe, restaurants, etc.). It’s obvious everyone needs regular exercise to be healthy enough to live pleasant life, but when you’re working 10-12 hours a day you just don’t want to think about when to do sport. Today I’ve tried a very nice device – XSJADO rollerblades.

XSJADO rollerblades

The great thing about ’em is that you can use your regular shoes while skating – you just place your footwear inside a the wireframe, fix it and roll. So you don’t need to have one more pair of shoes if you want to mix this kind of transport with public transport. Since these skates are aggressive, they’ve got small wheels, so it’s easier to control your movements and they are not too fast, so the risk of hitting someone or something is reduced a bit.

It can be a little but useful daily exercise that will keep you inline.
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