Preparing for a trip. Part III

Gangsta corn man. By Marina Nozyer

Crime Rate
The only thing worse than living in a foreign country without money is to live there without an instrument to earn ’em. The crime rate in a country / city / village / whatever you are going to should be a point to worry about. Hiding your laptop in a house you are renting can be useful tip. There is no good reason to rely on insurance ’cause even if you get your money back, your trip will be spoiled unless you have more equipment in your backpack. If you are passionate about African continent you might need a bodyguard (in some countries), especially if you are a photographer. Sometimes you do have to think about personal security. In some countries life does not coast a thing. For some people dying is OK but mostly people are afraid of death. So take care.

Unforeseen dangers
Shit happens. And you can never know when exactly will it happen and what kind of specifications will it have. Going to any unusual place means you know very little about this place. Even if you have read lots of articles, blogs, books, etc. there are always tones of things you can not even imagine until you see ’em. Health insurance is a 100% must before you’re going out traveling. You can not know everything, but you can be ready to face difficulties and dangers (sure there are pleasant surprising things too) – it’s a part of any trip, no matter you’re going to the cinema or to the other continent.

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The photo above was taken by Marina Nozyer

6 thoughts on “Preparing for a trip. Part III

    • Andrei Verner says:

      Well, that’s not quite right. Tourism is not their main income. Thailand sells rice to Chine, produces Nikon lenses, etc. I’ve heard that King’s birthday (December 5th) is a day when houses are robbed and you can buy artificial gold for the price of the regular one and so on.

  1. dima says:

    They can break into the house? :O isn’t the law strict with such things? or they’re not worried about going to jail for years? .. I thought it’s a peaseful place where there are no problems with crime.

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