September 8, 2011

Psychedelic face elements pack

Today I’d like to release a new vector freebie. It is a set of psychedelic face elements. So you can combine them and make a variety of unique faces.

These elements might become a part of a trippy and very vibrant ornament or illustration. You can use them as parts of flyers, posters, buttons, etc.

The set contains the following elements: eyes, ears, mouths, noses, beards, head bases.

Psychedelic face elements pack by Andrei Verner
Download Psychedelic face elements pack by Andrei Verner

You’ll also find 3 sample trippy creatures heads within the set.

Trippy creature head sample by Andrei Verner

Trippy creature head sample by Andrei Verner

Trippy creature head sample by Andrei Verner

The following illustration is an example of what you can do using this pack and simple actions like scale and rotate!

Psychedelic face elements pack illustration by Andrei Verner

The pack contains:

  • EPS 8 file
  • AI CS2 file

You can alter this artwork and use it in any matter as long as it is legal. I grant you the right to use this artwork commercially and/or personally, but you can not resell it.

You can also mix this freebie with the one I did in February. They have similar color scheme and curve style, so I think you won’t have any problems combining ’em.

How did you like this set? Would you like to get the other parts of the psychedelic creatures to make art with? Feel free to comment the post!)

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