Free vector chakras art

Hey guys! Remember I said I gonna post more free stock soon? Well… it took me a while. No more “next week” promises (LOL). Today I’d like to share with you some chakra art. I surely won’t call it unique, but I could not find much of free chakra’s online recently so I thought you might use my file.

Free vector chakras art stock by Andrei Verner
Cannabis face texture free vector stock by Andrei Verner. Download Button.

You can use this file both personally and commercially, but you can not resell it and use without any major alterations on print on demand sites. No credits necessary but are very welcome.

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18 thoughts on “Free vector chakras art

    • ANDREI VERNER says:

      Louis, I’m very happy you like this artwork! If you have any requests for freebies, please post them here – maybe I can create something else to benefit the artistic community :)

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