Free Halloween site decoration kit

This is a Halloween decoration kit for almost any kind of web-site. It has a funny and cartoonish yet a bit bloody look. Use pumpkins and skulls to start headers, bones to make frames for images, pointing fingers to attract attention to important information, blood drops for lists and bloody lines for horizontal lines, hyperlinks, button-decoration, etc.

Feel free to use items from this package personally or commercially as long as your actions are legal

The set contains:

  • Blood drop
  • Bone
  • Tillable dripping blood line
  • Tillable green goo line
  • Pointing finger
  • Pumpkin
  • Skull with crossed bones
  • Dark skull
  • Dark skull with blood
  • Light skull
  • Light skull with blood

Free Halloween site decoration kit preview

All files come in three types:

  • PNG
  • JPG

There’s also AI file that contains all items distributed to different layers.

Download the package “Free Halloween site decoration kit”

For more pumpkins check out this file:

There’s a nice free font Shlop for your Halloween needs.

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