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If you are looking for awesome fluorescent tapestries and uv-reactive backdrops, check out my Etsy store.

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You wanna buy trippy clothes and art

I’ve been creating psychedelic designs for t-shirts and backdrops for more than 6 years. I really love to make the designs that people enjoy wearing and looking at! I’m using different techniques to print my trippy designs on fabric. Most of products I sell are fluorescent and they glow pretty well in black (UV) light. If you are looking for a decoration for a chillout room or if you need a new t-shirt to go to a party or open-air,

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You'd like to hire my mind for your project

I’ve started my psychedelic illustrator career back in 2010. Since that time I’ve made a big number of psychedelic album covers for musicians all across the globe, CD packs, posters for psytrance parties and festivals, logos and psy illustrations that have been printed on different media. If you’d like to see my artworks – here is my psychedelic portfolio. Or you can

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You are interested in making our world better

Well, I know this is not something every graphic designer talks about in his blog. Still there is a number of things that keep bothering me about my lifestyle and I’m trying to change my attitude towards the planet. In my blog I’m not only posting my recent projects but I also feature inspiring examples of what other people do to improve the way people treat our Earth and each others. Sometimes I even write posts about my small progress in this field, so you can

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About me

Briefly I’m a psychedelic artist and a digital nomad.

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Customers feedback

During the last years I have been working with lots of different people from many countries. Below are several quotations from my customers.

Earth Star Gatherings

“Andrei has been collaborating with us for over a year on a monthly basis designing all the artwork for our events; with his psychedelic visionary mind he always manages to transform the name and idea of our gatherings into a visual masterpiece! We feel very blessed to have his input and talent as part of the Earth Star family.”

Sun Station

“Andrei is a nice person, professional, peacefull and easy to work with. He creates detailed eye-catching artworks, brings his own ideas and delivering high quality results in time. His t-shirt design and album cover perfectly reflect our idea and attracts a lots of people to our music efforts.”

Jon Clark

“Andrei had the “vision” I was looking for. His artistic and creative talent made it easy to collaborate throughout my CD project. Our communication was long distance, but the psychedelic spirit was right there. I’m looking forward to working with Andrei again on One Long Skid vol.2.”

Blitz Studios

“Andrei has proven himself as a very talented, artistically versatile, and, perhaps most vitally, very flexible graphic designer. He has worked more than once for us in the past, and each time we were very satisfied with the results. His psychedelic vision, spiritual input, and unorthodox approach lead us to suppose that he is an above average designer in our psychedelic art-field who always strives to achieve more. Highly recommended.”

DJ Suddha (Purple Hexagon Records)

“It was great working together with Andrei on artwork for our release. He listened to our brief and was flexible as the the project developed, offering ideas and suggestions whenever required whilst understanding our requests when we made them. We are really pleased with how it turned out and are looking forward to the next wobbly project already.”

Tim Stritzel

“I experienced Andrei as an inspired and inspiring artist and loved working as well as communicating with him. I called him first in 2015 because I had a precise idea for the cover of a psychedelic novel I was writing on.

His creative input on further developing this idea and his unique, glowing style made the collaboration valuable, consciousness-expanding and constructive. Furthermore I learned a lot and gained a new friend.

Currently a team of dedicated Germans are working on the Social Club – and the book, including Andrei´s cover, will be published under this brand in Germany.”

RKDO Rivera

“Andrei Verner is truly a visionary. All I had was a simple idea with no true direction. He was able to transform that idea to a complete vision and only those with extreme talent can do such a thing!”


“Andrei Verner is truly a visionary. All I had was a simple idea with no true direction. He was able to transform that idea to a complete vision and only those with extreme talent can do such a thing!”