We are now offering UV-Slipmats!

Sporelino 12" Glazed Slipmat - Shot in the UV-Light

It’s been a long time coming and now we have some goodies in our store specifically for DJs!

We have recently produced a small batch of UV-Reactive 12″ Glazed Slipmats with 3 different designs featuring trippy characters from our collection “Mystic Spores“. Last year we printed these characters on lycra hexagons and the looked really dope so we decided to give them a chance as the first designs to be printed on slipmats.

Sporelino and Fungocchio 2x12" Glazed Slipmats Set - Shot in the UV-Light

These UV slipmats are sold in sets of 2. We only have 10 copies of each design at the moment and some of them were already sold to DJs who saw our posts on Facebook and Instagram!

Shroomanto 12" Glazed Slipmat - Preview in Day-light

Grab a pair for yourself or for you DJ-friend while they are still in stock!

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