Enlightenment Hexagon and 6 Triangles Psychedelic UV-Reactive Canopy Set – Stretchable Print on Lycra


UV-reactive 4-way stretching lycra psychedelic hexagon and 6 triangles set. All parts are made of 4-way stretching lycra when non-strechted the size of this canopy is 3 by 2,6 meters big. You can stretch it up to 4,5×3,9 meters.

The hexagon is 1,5×1,75 meters big. You can stretch it up to 2×2,3 meters.

Each triangle is 0,85×0,75 meters big. You can stretch them up to 1,27×1,12 meters.

Printed on durable fabric. Suitable for machine wash.

The hexagon and triangles are very easy to connect with the carabiners that are already attached to the corners.