How to Use Stoppers for Adjusting Your Decoration Stretch Tutorial


This metal stopper you see below will help you adjust the distance from the tips of your canopy petals to the wireframe.

Tip: You can find the tutorial on the wireframe here.

Metal stopper

Step 1

First you need to cut the rope in pieces that will be at least 2 times longer than the distance you expect to be between the tips of the petals and the wireframe. Then press the button on top of a stopper and push one end of the rope through.

Tip: You might need a toothpick or some metal object to push the rope. If the end becomes too disheveled cut it off.

Step 2

Push the second end of the rope through the second hole in the stopper. Then push one of the ends through the loop on the tip of the petal you are going to mount.

Step 3

When placing the rope over the wireframe turn it once or twice around the wireframe’s rope. This will create extra tension that will prevent the stopper from moving.

Step 4

Tie the ends of the rope together.
If you want to stretch the canopy more, press and hold the button on the stopper and pull the outside loop to make it bigger.
If you want to loosen the canopy, press and hold the button on the stopper and pull from the side of petal’s tip to make the outside loop smaller.

Tip: Remeber to keep the white side of the petals facing the ceiling.