Opening the door of inner self psychedelic t-shirt design

Hey guys! Today I’d like to share some of my recent artworks. Here is the story behind the design. Some time ago I was contacted by Tim Stritzel – a young writer from Germany. He said he was writing a psychedelic novel about one person’s spiritual journey and he would like me to create a cover for the book. I was very much inspired to take part in this project.

Tim had a sketch made by himself already which had so many symbols. I liked the sketch a lot. I don’t see much of other people’s sketches everyday and it’s always nice to see some that have a potential. So I’ve made my version of the sketch with a bit more perspective and even more symbols. Below are two sketches – the one on the left is Tim’s and on the right is mine.

Opening the door of inner self sketches by Andrei Verner and Tim Stritzel

I had a good time tracing, colouring and adding some adjustments to the artwork. The thing that was not present on my sketch was cannabis plants that play a certain role in Tim’s novel so I decided to make a whole cannabis tree with a dead yogi smoking chillum. Below is the final artwork and the sketch of the dead yogi.

Opening the door of inner self self by Andrei Verner
Dead yogi sketch by Andrei Verner

Tim’s novel is not published yet but I would definitely write a post when it is ready. Right now you can buy some merchandise with my design to support the psychedelic movement embodied in me and Tim :)
Have a good one.

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