My first psychedelic linocut T-shirt prints

Hey people! About 3 months ago I told you about my plans on psychedelic clothes and accessories shop. Well, being honest I have not done much about it (things seemed a bit different in Thai mountains rather than in Moscow city-life). Anyway I’m moving towards printing psychedelic T-shirts myself. Yesterday was the first time I did the linocut prints.

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What I wanted to show with my image is that everything has causes. So the sketch I made depicts a meditating guy who sits on a skeleton (cause our bodies always feast on other bodies thus sustaining our own life), he is made of plants (cause we are all parts of the environment – we can not live if we are separated from it) and there is a tibetan syllable HUM (kind of an essence of a person).

Linocut sketch by Andrei Verner

Below is the linoleum plate which is already cut. The image is reflected otherwise the print will be reflected.

Linocut linoleum plate by Andrei Verner

First I made few gouache prints. I know gouache will not work for T-shirts ’cause it dissolves in water – these would be one-time used T-shirts. Anyway I wanted to see who this paint will work.

Linocut gouache print by Andrei Verner

Then I’ve tried acrylic paint and it almost did not work. You can see the red sheet on the right of the upper photo.

Roller with acrylic paint

The next paint was the one for textile. My girlfriend gave me one of her sleeveless shirts to experiment with. And she kindly agreed to be a model. :)

Linocut print on a sleeveless shirt by Andrei Verner

Linocut print on a sleeveless shirt by Andrei Verner. Model - Marina Nozyer

Linocut print on a sleeveless shirt by Andrei Verner. Model - Marina Nozyer

Linocut print on a sleeveless shirt by Andrei Verner. Model - Marina Nozyer

The last thing I want to show you is the print I did with fluorescent acrylic paint.

Linocut print by Andrei Verner

Linocut print by Andrei Verner

Well I’m not very happy with the results, but now I have more understanding what my new artwork should look like to make a better print. This story is far from over! :)

6 thoughts on “My first psychedelic linocut T-shirt prints

  1. verna says:

    i love the fluorescent acrylic paint one,it would look great under my black lights in the cool room. ive designed a room in my home strictly for psychedelics.i have alot of tye dye clothes,t-shirts,jeans ect.that ive done myself.but its like old school stuff,i mean its cool and all ,but id love some actual picture designs ,so hurry and get yours up and running lol. my honey wants some also he`s looking forward to seeing what you`ll come up with,he wants me to order the love tree please let us know when ya get home and start up the shop ok ,thanks*

  2. Ms.Rhian says:

    Hey….im starting my own buisness in tshirt painyings too nd im quite gud at it…my designs would be like illustrations mainly psychedelic….im currenlty working for n organisation nd my last day of duty would be the 1st of august afterr which i will be able to dedicate all my time into my wrk….crossing my fi gures things go well nd im really looking forward to it…your website has always been n inspiration to mee…maybe il show you my designs some dayonce ive created enof samples….tc

    • Andrei Verner says:

      Hey Rhian! Have you already started the T-shirt-business? How does it feel to quit the job? :) I’m happy to be a source of inspiration for you and I’m looking forward to see your products!)

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