Kali in Wonderland Psychedelic T-shirts Preorder

Dear psytrance people! Are you looking for a new trippy t-shirt for a party or open-air festival? I’ve recently finished my new psychedelic t-shirt design Kali in Wonderland and I’m inviting you to become an early bird and get this t-shirt with a nice discount!

Why did I start this preorder campaign?

Being an independent artist I don’t always have enough money to print 50+ tees that might not sell later. This is why I launch this campaign – to see if people like my design and are willing to buy t-shirts with it. I have done preorder campaigns before and I can tell this is the great way for artist to save some nerve and for customers to get quality products for lower price.

Few words about Kali in Wonderland

The main character is Alice from “Alice in Wonderland” in form of Hindu goddess Kali. The design has plenty of details that refer to the story: a rabbit’s head, a tea-pot, Mad Hatter’s hat with Dormouse, smoking caterpillar, Cheshire Cat’s smiling head, cards and of course lots of magic mushrooms! All of the above was mixed with a traditional Hindu goddess pose and wrathful feel.

Kali in Wonderland psychedelic design by Andrei Verner

Product types and quantity

Basically I’m going to produce 50 fluorescent t-shirts and 8 fluorescent backdrops. To start production I need at least 30 backers for t-shirts and 4 backers for backdrops. It is not too much but it is still quite a number of people.

T-shirts technical details

  • The design is going to be silkscreen printed.
  • The colour scheme is very trippy and it is going to work pretty well in fluorescent (UV) light. The dark blue colours in this design are not fluorescent so they will not glow in the UV making the design darker and gloomier – more Kali-like rather that Alice.
  • The t-shirts I’m going to use are 100% cotton.
  • Available sizes for men and women are: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Kali in Wonderland psychedelic fluorescent man’s t-shirt by Andrei Verner

Kali in Wonderland psychedelic fluorescent woman’s t-shirt by Andrei Verner

Backdrops technical details

  • The backdrops are going to be 1 meter wide and 1,5 meter long.
  • The print will be produced using sublimation technique with all fine details kept in place.
  • The backdrops will have loops on each corner for easy hanging.

Below is the colour-test of the backdrop. The fist two pictures have fluorescent sources of light and the third one is regular.

Kali in Wonderland psychedelic fluorescent backdrop by Andrei Verner

Kali in Wonderland psychedelic fluorescent backdrop by Andrei Verner

Kali in Wonderland psychedelic fluorescent backdrop by Andrei Verner

Preorder Schedule

  • The backdrops will be ready by the end of July 2016
  • The t-shirts will be ready by August 15th
  • The delivery time for international buyers is usually between 2 and 4 weeks

Become an early bird!

The first 10 people who order the t-shirts will pay only $25 per tee instead of $35. Here are men’s and lady’s tees.

The first 2 people who order the backdrops will pay only $60 instead of $100. Preorder “Kali in Wonderland” backdrop!

Plus everyone gets FREE international shipping

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