Self-Discovery psychedelic party poster

Self-Discovery Poster

Hey people! Today I’d like to show you some fresh psychedelic poster art – right out of my mind! It’s a poster I did for my friends from Earth Star. What I really like about this poster is that it had to be done in a very short time and I could make it. There are different sketches and the final artwork within the post.

What I did first was a very quick and rough concept digital sketch. The name of the party is Self-Discovery so I’ve decided to depict a cyber-shaman having visions of stars and planets.

Self-Discovery psy party poster - Digital sketch by Andrei Verner

After the guys from Earth Star have accepted it I’ve drawn a detailed pencil sketch of the main character.

Self-Discovery psy party poster - Pencil sketch by Andrei Verner

Usually I don’t color my sketches but my girlfriend presented me a pack of markers for my birthday and now I’m using ’em to get a quick understanding of how a colorful image might look like. Plus sometimes there is some unexpected bleeding that might help me adding more details.

Self-Discovery psy party poster - Markers sketch by Andrei Verner

I did not stick to the colors from my sketch ’cause they looked too old-school)) more suitable for psychedelic-rock gig poster rather than a trance party. So below is the result.

Self-Discovery psy party poster - Digital design by Andrei Verner

Most of the artwork was hand-drawn using vector art software. Below is the list of stock I’ve used for background and planets:

Check out Earth Star’s facebook page for the party’s info!

If you are looking for a professional psychedelic designer don’t hesitate to email me! ;) My Skype is grebenru and here is my Facebook page.

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  1. Roger aka rogiewan says:

    Hey Andrei, I enjoyed seeing your process, sketches and colouring. And you hit the exact mark seeing the markers colours as being too old school (high school, Summer of Love!). The earth tones are cool and much more mature if you know what I mean, framing the planets and fractal black hole. Fractals rock anyway {:-D very weird mathematics are fractals..infinite particles, my kind of mind shit. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to becoming more familiar with your work

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