КАТЯ CHILLY – VISHNI REMIXED – surreal album cover

Hey guys! Here is an album cover I did for OmMan Records’s recent release “КАТЯ CHILLY – VISHNI REMIXED”. Long story short they guys from the label decided to stick with another design but I still want to show you my work. There is also some music embedded within the post so don’t miss it!

Below is my artwork. Most of the stock was taken from freeimages.com (former sxc.hu) and cgtextures.com.

КАТЯ CHILLY – VISHNI REMIXED - psychedelic album cover by Andrei Verner

And here is the cover that was picked for the release. Don’t forget about the music! The play button is under the cover. ;)

6 thoughts on “КАТЯ CHILLY – VISHNI REMIXED – surreal album cover

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  3. draeke says:

    I wonder, is the original Katya Chilly – Vishni, available anywhere? I wanted to hear the original versions. The website of the label is not working. On Bandcamp there is only the remxi album. And your artwork for it, it’s really great, for both!

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