Happy New Year and all that buzz

Hey guys! I wish you had great holidays. Today is the first workday in Russia after the winter holidays that last for about a week, so I thought it could be nice to post something.

Me and my girlfriend are doing great here on Bali and we are going to stay here for another 3-4 month. Then we plan to go to Thailand. So if you are around by any chance feel free to drop me a line (grebenru@gmail.com) so we can have a coffee and chat a bit.

Andrei Verner on Bali

Below is an album cover I’ve made for Sam Lawrance for his charity song “Three Gifts”. It’s not very trippy but I like it anyway. If you are interested you can buy it from Itunes – this might help a bit the kids at the Ormand street hospital in London. I know I should have posted this info before Christmas, I hope I can do better next time.

3 gifts by Sam Lawrance - song cover by Andrei Verner

Take care and see you online!

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