Dream Gathering 2014 psychedelic flyer

Hey everyone! I’m back to Thailand after 2 years away from this land of smiles and gorgeous food)). Today I’d like to share some of my art with you. It’s a flyer I did for Dream Gathering 2014.

Here is the flyer’s sketch. I have already made the FB page’s cover and the guys from Dream Gathering wanted to continue this fairy theme so you can see a repeating pixie character and mushrooms.

Dream Gathering 2014 psychedelic flyer sketch by Andrei Verner

Here is the artwork.

Dream Gathering 2014 psychedelic flyer by Andrei Verner

But after I’ve made it guys asked me to remove the black moon behind the logo. Below is the filial version. Still I find the previous design more attractive ‘cause there is more depth in it.

Dream Gathering 2014 psychedelic flyer final version by Andrei Verner

Here are some stock credits. The fairy photo can be found on DA. The rest (shrooms, ladybug, moon) came from sxc.hu.

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6 thoughts on “Dream Gathering 2014 psychedelic flyer

      • Plombir says:

        Yes, the one with a transparent background :) The logo looks like a part of the picture rather than a stamp on a flyer.

        • Andrei Verner says:

          That’s what usually customers want to avoid for the marketing reasons ;)

          Anyway it’s a matter of perception)

          • Plombir says:

            Yes, from my point of view, marketing imposes bad behavior to art, thus the last one has to struggle in order not to be solely a feeder but a source of beauty. However, it’s worth mentioning that among customers one can find a good one who hasn’t been spoiled by marketing and allows using a transparent background :)

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