COSMIC AWAKENING psychedelic party flyer

Cosmic Awakening Poster

Hey guys! Here is my new artwork for Earthstar. “COSMIC AWAKENING” is Gabriel Marques’s birthday party so you can see a shroomy cake which is a sacred temple at the same time!

You’ll find the front side of the flyer and a close up of the psychedelic cake.

COSMIC AWAKENING psychedelic party flyer by Andrei Verner

COSMIC AWAKENING psychedelic cake by Andrei Verner

For detailed information about the party check out the Facebook event’s page.

As you can see, I continue mixing vector and raster art. This time I’ve used Artrage 2 demo to create the colorful backdrop for the cake and the eyes. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who likes to paint – it’s tools are very easy to use and color palette is really nice – it’s kind of juicy within the bright colors.

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Stay tuned!

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