Back to the future – psychedelic trance party flyer

Back to the Future Poster

Hey people! Here comes another psychedelic flyer I did for Earth Star. You’ll see the sketch, the artwork and the flyer within the post.

This time I decided to make a colourful sketch. The concept was a look from inside a spaceship that holds an astronaut by a cord which is standing in front of a fantasy portal.

Back to the future flyer sketch by Andrei Verner

As you can see lots of details from the sketch are gone. The image was too crowded when I’ve put the spaceship frame and I did not even try to add the molecular cells – it was obvious they will not fit.

Back to the future flyer artwork by Andrei Verner

Here is the final design with some minor adjustments by Alien Angel who knows how to address his audience the best way. :)

 by Andrei Verner

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