September 22, 2011

Traditional Trip inspiration pack 3

Here comes the third Traditional Trip inspiration pack.
7 different artist use different media but they all have that very familiar trippy feeling. Maybe except for the Angkor Wat painting which is right below) Enjoy!

Ginsberg dreams of Angkor Wat by Matthew sergison-main (UK)
Art by Matthew sergison-main (UK)

Fun guy by David C. Evans (USA)
Art by David C. Evans (USA)

Brain inspired x by Christoph (Germany)
Art by Christoph (Germany)

Goddess of the river by Jordan Fleshman (USA)
Art by Jordan Fleshman (USA)

Ion by Stepan Shlyapnik (Russia)
Art by Stepan Shlyapnik (Russia)

Like a child by Chelsea (Spain)
Art by Chelsea (Spain)

Cosmic slop by Inês (Portugal)
Art by Inês (Portugal)

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Traditional Trip inspiration pack 2
September 22, 2011 at 12:43 pm

[…] see more traditional trippy artworks check out my first Traditional Trip inspiration pack. And the third one too! illustrations and paintings, inspiration Andrei […]


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