Traditional Trip inspiration pack 2

This the second post of traditional psychedelic paintings and drawings.

Within this post you’ll see 8 beautiful psychedelic artworks by 8 different artist from around the globe.

Shanti dance by morwiwan
Art by Morwiwan (Russia)

Chakra by Fatimahpantophag
Art by Fatimahpantophag (Germany)

Eggmen by Ruben Volgers
Art by by Ruben Volgers (Netherlands)

Moon that guides the warrior by Gerardogomez
Art by Gerardo Gomez (El Salvador)

Overkill co lab 1 by bsoy
Art by Bsoy (United States)

Letting go by Art of the shaman
Art by Art of the shaman (United States)

Untitled blacklight 3 by Syddartha
Art by Syddartha (United States)

The tree of life haven by John Paul 'Lakan' Olivares
Art by John Paul ‘Lakan’ Olivares (Philippines)

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