Surreal visionary art of Cameron Gray

Hey guys! Here comes another cool spiritual person. Cameron Gray is Australian artist and photographer who resides in Tasmania. He is a young guy but he has been featured in numerous exhibitions and he has been awarded many times. I’m not a big fan of 3D models used in surreal and psychedelic artworks, but Cameron’s digital creations are really worthy spending some time to explore them.

Today I’d like to start the showcase with a video.

Between The Teardrops by Cameron Gray

A Patient For The Fifth by Cameron Gray

Dreams of Soulmates by Cameron Gray

Here We Divide by Cameron Gray

Seven Worlds by Cameron Gray

The knowledge of the planets by Cameron Gray

Check out Cameron Gray’s blog! You’ll find lots of his artworks there. Cameron also shares the free textures and he’s got a nice list of links to visit.

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    • Andrei Verner says:

      Do you like anything particular in Cameron’s artworks? My favorite parts art textures and lightning effects)

      By the way, thanks for signing up to my newsletter :) I do appreciate it.

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