Smile Buddha’s psychedelic art

Hi everyone! This psychedelic art inspiration post is dedicated to Smile Buddha – a very talented artist from Ukrain. He has commented one of my posts about a week ago and I followed the link he gave to check out his web-site. Luckily I know Russian (lol) so I could serf that site for a while. At first I did not believe it was one person’s project – there are so many things he creates and writes about! I focused on Smile Buddha’s art and today I’d like to show you some of it.

Album covers

Shiva3 CD cover art by SmileBuddha

Misterika festival CD 1 art by SmileBuddha

Zymosis album cover art by SmileBuddha

Party flyer, decorations and T-shirt art

Misterika party flyer by SmileBuddha

Sun open air by SmileBuddha

Malenkie Radosti Zimi by SmileBuddha

Mandala Buddha art by SmileBuddha

Maya psychedelic painting by SmileBuddha

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Sorry, this is not very psychedelic in terms of style but I could not let you miss this concept. He-he.

Alcohol can end your party poster by SmileBuddha

If you’d like to see more art by Smile Buddha

Here is the link to his web-site’s art category. If you are not familiar with Russian, use the menu bar on the left to navigate trough art section.

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