Psychedelic oil paintings by Menunana

Hey guys! The summer is on the run and I hope you all are having great time. Today I’d like to show you some amazing oil paintings by Menunana. Menunana’s art might seem too realistic at first glance, but if you take some time to have a good look you’ll surely find these paintings very psychedelic.

Here is what Menunana says about himself and his art:

I am fascinated by dogmatic religions, healers, lightworkers, female rulers, prophecies and conspiracies, messiahs and charlatans, things that are hidden away and public secrets, a new golden era and the new world order, and so on. I also get my inspiration from persons that don’t seem of this world. People like Jimi Hendrix, Herman Brood, Fellini, Dali, Oscar Wilde, etc. who followed their soul no matter what the outside world thought of it.

Be gentle - psychedelic art by Menunana

Black eye - psychedelic art by Menunana

Female Religion - psychedelic art by Menunana

Hommage to Jesus - psychedelic art by Menunana

Modifying things - psychedelic art by Menunana

Seeking guidance at some moment in time - psychedelic art by Menunana

Wilhelmus - psychedelic art by Menunana

You can find the rest of Menunana’s psychedelic paintings on his web-site.

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