Psychedelic animals inspiration pack

Hey people! Today I’d like to show you some animals seen through a lens of psychedelic perception. Within this post you’ll find 6 artworks of 6 different artist depicting 6 (evil laugh) animals. Have fun!

Mantis a haiga by Mrnakes
Art by Mrnakes (Belgium)

Merlin's Familiar by Chris Williams
Art by Chris Williams (UK)

Saguaro Visions by Julie Beloussow
Art by Julie Beloussow (USA)

Purified then petrified by Travis Vallance
Art by Travis Vallance (USA)

Space Yeti Believer by Acrylicana
Art by Acrylicana (USA)

Rubies and daisies by ShiftingStarlight
Art by ShiftingStarlight (USA)

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