Inspiration: Snow in vector art

Snow… That’s what winter is famous for, right? So it’s a part of almost an winter illustration, unless we are speaking of tropical winter. There are not to many approaches to depicting snow in vector art. In this inspiration pack you will see some powerful techniques that can help you in your future projects.

Minimalistic round snowflakes

Yetis Love Snowflakes
by Recycledwax

Adios Invierno
by Rubens Scarelli

White Queen in Snow
by MicroUgly

Diagonal ellipses to create dynamic snowfall

by Raskone

Winter Girl
by Mashi

Blurred snowflakes that add the depth of field and movement effect

Winter Blossom
by Pixelledanddead

The Dance Of The Snow Triplets
by Weirdink

Stylized snowflakes

Canadian Winter
by Flashparade

Tiger in the snow dome
by d_i_a_n_k_a

Snowboard Illustration
by Joao Pedro Canhenha

More natural crystal-like snowflakes

Snow Spider
by nyctopterus

Snow Queen
by lanitta

Finally there is a nice tutorial on Vectortuts+ that covers this topic.
How to Make a White Holiday Scene in Illustrator

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    Да, эффективная техника) Я-то пытался найти что-то более сложное… Придется самому экспериментировать =)

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