Inspiration: Psychedelic winter

As for me winter is not the most exciting and inspiring season. It’s kind of hard to concentrate on art when it’s cold outside, so I prefer to spend winter in a warm country. But when you get to a place like South-East Asia, or South America you might experience some nostalgia for the snow, winter forests and all that romantic stuff. To suite this need I’ve collected this inspiration pack. I hope, you guys like it!

Frozen Flurry galaxy
by Priteeboy

When Dreams came True
by Azot18

TRANCE Winter Gift
by Sabof

Winter Maiden
by Dogparry

Winter Holiday
by PartiallyGelatinated

by Qwauk

by Theodevil

by Nathradas

Kherson winter
by StanOd

by Jdillon82

Winter Heart
by MartaNael

Winter animals
by Yournewsun-d32hawi

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