2019 My Psychedelic Art Roundup

Andrei Verner in Scotland Highlands 2019

Hey guys! What’s up? I guess it’s time to reflect a bit on 2019 and to make a list of highlights.

Psychedelic Parties Decoration

This was my second year in Israel and I should say I’m really enjoying this country and the people I meet here – both locals and expats. As you know Israel is famous for its love for trance music so I was working on incorporating my psychedelic art into local trance scene. Me and my wife have attended a bunch of open air parties I was able to showcase my art in form of a small exhibition and as stage deco. Those parties were relatively small – around 200-300 people – so my deco was also relatively simple but it was getting better and better. One of my designs was printed 6 by 3,5 meters big and it was absolutely crazy to watch it in the desert in the UV-light!

In 2020 I will continue my collaboration with Israel trance scene and I’m sure my deco will grow in size and shapes to bring more magic to the dance floor!

Psychedelic Freelance Illustrations

This year I have started some new collaborations and continued the ones from the past. One of the new clients I would like to mention is “Waldfrieden Events” from Germany. I have even written a blog post about the art I have created for them. This collaboration is turning out to be very productive and I really wish I can come to their parties in 2020!

The ongoing collaboration that has taken my art to another level this year is a Goa-trance label from Russia – Global Sect Music. One of the artworks we have created together took about 5 months to complete and I should say this is one of my best artworks ever. Check out the long story of its creation!

Epic Underwater Kingdom UV Reactive Psychedelic Tapestry Backdrop

Now I am working on a bunch of customer projects that I will release in 2020. If you are interested in collaborating with me, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Personal Psychedelic Art Projects

Generally this year my art was tending towards more traditional approach. I was using digital painting techniques and mixing them with some sharp vector art. And I have even created a few traditional paintings with acrylics. On one hand I want to incorporate traditional art into my artistic routine since these creations are one of a kind and the certainly have strong energy within. But on the other hand digital art is so much faster to create even sometimes it takes an enormous amount of time. And with digital art I can sure affect much more people – I have a vast collection of designs that I’m printing with UV-paint on textile. These prints can be used for party decoration or just as a piece of home-deco. My Hanuman is one of the digital artworks I’ve created in 2019 and I really love it!

Finally I’d like to say a big thank you to all my customers and partners! 2019 was a blast and I’m really looking forward kicking off 2020 in less than a week :) Subscribe to my newsletter to get all the updates on my projects, reports from psytrance parties and special offers for my products. I’m usually sending one email per week so your mailbox won’t be flooded.

Andrei Verner in Scotland Highlands

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year everyone! See you in 2020!

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