Import Taxes FAQ

Can we mark your order as a gift?

Absolutely not. Your order will be shipped by our production partners who are a business entity in the US so no customs in the world will believe a company is sending you a gift out of the blue – especially with larger orders that come in big boxes and can weigh 10-20kg.

Can we put a $20 price tag on your $2000 order so that you won’t pay import taxes?

Unfortunately if we declare a super low price the chances are very high your local customs will either refuse the package to enter your country or they will start an investigation and they will ask you to provide an invoice from the seller.

If they refuse the item to enter FedEx will bring it back to the US but they will charge us much more than you paid for shipping. That will be the full price for shipping. The price you are paying is a discounted price our production partners have with FedEx. So, you will owe us for bringing the package back to the US + the second payment to ship the item again and by that time you will probably agree to put a higher price tag on the package so you will eventually pay a few times more for the delivery and taxes.

Can we put a price tag lower than what you actually paid?

The short answer is “yes”. We will never put a price tag that will look super suspicious. Usually putting a $300 price tag on an order worth $2000 is OK but there is always a chance customs will ask you to provide either an invoice or a proof of payment such as a bank statement. If they ask for a bank statement you will be paying import taxes based on the full price of your order.

Can we provide an invoice?

Sure! If customs ask you for an invoice we can make one but putting a very low price in the invoice will also look suspicious so we will have to increase it and you will pay the same taxes as if we put a higher price tag on the package in the first place. If you run a legal business and use our products commercially we recommend putting a full price value tag. In this case your import tax fees will go up but you will be able to write off the price of the order as a business expense.

Where to check for the import taxes rates?

You can google “import taxes from US to YOUR COUNTRY NAME” for more precise information or you can use tools like to calculate the approximate fees (you can google “import tax calculator” for more tools like this).

We totally understand that you want to lower the expenses but there is nothing we can do about that. We are really sorry you have to deal with taxes but that’s just the way things are now and it looks like in future with international trade becoming more and more transparent the import tax fees will only go up since we will have to put value tags that 100% reflect your payment.