About the shop

Here some info about my shop you might be interested in.


 – So far all the artworks printed on t-shirts and backdrops were made by me. If you like some of my designs that are not present in the shop drop me a line at and I’ll add ’em if it is possible.


 – The t-shirts used for silkscreen printing are 100% cotton.

 – The t-shirts used for direct to garment printing are usually 100% cotton but sometimes we use 50% cotton 50% polyester for some production purposes. Still you can rarely tell a difference between these half-synthetic tees and 100% cotton ones.

 – To keep the print in good shape for several years I recommend you turn the tee outside out every time you put it in a washing machine and NEVER iron the print otherwise it will leave the textile and stick to your iron.

– Regular and All-Over-Print T-shirts are produced in the USA and in Latvia. If your shipping address is in EU or in a country close to EU the All-Over-Print T-shirt will be most likely produced in Latvia by the same company I collaborate with in the USA so the quality will be the same.


 – The backdrops are made using sublimation printing on synthetic textile. They appear to be quite durable though I will not recommend you keeping them under the rain or under a tropical sun. Honestly I have not tested them in severe weather conditions.


Fluorescent Silkscreen T-shirts and Backdrops

– Right now all fluorescent silkscreen-printed T-shirts and fluorescent backdrops are shipped from St. Petersburg, Russia. It usually takes up to 5 business days to ship the order and 2-4 weeks for international delivery.

Regular and All-over Printed T-shirts

– US based orders are usually produced within 1-7 business days after the order is placed and the delivery time is about 5-7 business days. The tracking code is provided.

– Non-US based orders are produced within 1-7 business days after the order is placed and the delivery time is 10-20 business days for all-over-printed t-shirts and 20+ business days for regular printed t-shirts. The tracking code is not provided.


I will replace or provide refund only for defective prints or wrong item sent. I guarantee print quality and would be happy to provide refund or exchanges due to printing errors, but otherwise all sales are final. 

Please note that All-Over-Print t-shirts always have some misprinting due to production technology limitations. You can find out the details in this review. These issues are can not be avoided and these products can not be returned or refunded in terms of printing errors.

I am not responsible for packages lost in transit (both domestic and international, with or without tracking numbers) or denied entry by customs.


Please e-mail me ( and I will be happy to answer and update this page so more people will benefit from your curiosity :) .