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Interview with Inga Bach

Hello psychedelic guys and girls! Within this interview I’d like you to meet Inga Bach – psychedelic artist of many kinds from Leipzig, Germany. She is a person whom I sincerely admire – not only because she’s talented in many many ways (paintings, DJ’ing, making clothes and more!), but cause she’s so passionate about her art and it feels like she’s breathing it and creating it simultaneously.

Traditional Trip inspiration pack

This post is dedicated to traditional art psychedelic paintings and drawings.
Every image within this inspiration pack is very emotional and worth watching. There are tones of nice details to have a good look at. Enjoy!

Psychedelic art of Jussi Löf

Jussi Löf is a visionary artist from Tampere, Finland.
Hi’s doing his art in acrylic, oil and other medium. You’ll find mind-blowing hallucinatory paintings inside the post.

Round Black Square

I don’t doubt most of you have seen Black Square by Kazimir Malevich or at least have heard about it. Lots of people find this painting genius and others find it stupid. For those of you who did not have history of arts course in school here’s the short explanation: the Renaissance artists believed classic […]