Leo Tolstoy’s Grave Psychedelic Fluorescent Backdrop




Leo Tolstoy’s Grave

The first version of this design was created in 2011 after visiting Yasnaya Polyana – Leo Tolstoy’s homestead. Me and my friends were looking for his grave but it was too dark so we did not find it. Years later we’ve discovered Leo Tolstoy has no grave ’cause he was excommunicated from Russian Orthodox Church. The only thing you can find is a small hill. My friends went there recently and told me about it. So this design has emerged from the past and I decided to make a UV version of it. Enjoy!

Backdrop technical details

  • The print on light textile is made with fluorescent paint so it glows in the UV (black) light.
  • The backdrop has loops on the corners so it’s easy to set up the deco.
  • Perfect for party decoration or for a chill out space.

This is a made to order product

It will take about 5-7 business days to print and sew the backdrop and a couple more days two ship.

Plus you get Free International Shipping


If you buy any 2 backdrops size M or bigger you will get any Regular or Fluorescent T-shirt of your choice for FREE!

If you buy any 3 backdrops size M or bigger you will get any Regular, Fluorescent or All-Over-Print T-shirt for FREE!

Simply add the SKU, the size and styling options of the T-shirt you want to your comments when you place the order. Or contact me via e-mail.


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