Rebirth of Cyber Venus Psychedelic T-shirt




Rebirth of Cyber Venus

Rebirth of Cyber Venus design is my post-modernist approach to famous Birth of Venus by Botticelli. I decided to make a cyber-punk version of the goddess. Even the shell she is stepping on looks more like some solar panels. And the rest of the environment… Well there was a certain HR Giger’s influence as well.

Product Features

  • The t-shirt is 100% cotton
  • The paint has no special effects

How to keep the print in good shape

Follow these two simple rules:

  • 1. Turn the t-shirt outside out before washing.
  • 2. Do not iron the print.

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If you buy any 2 backdrops size M or bigger you will get any Regular or Fluorescent T-shirt of your choice for FREE!

Simply add the SKU, the size and styling options of the T-shirt you want to your comments when you place the order. Or contact me via e-mail.

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