May 15, 2017

My Shop Updates

Psilocybin World Work in Progress Header

Hey everyone! Today I’d like to tell you about some things I’ve already changed in my shop and the ones I’m going to.

Fluorescent Backdrops

This is actually the part of the shop I’m going to be focused on for the following year. So here is what’s already done:

Backdrop Size Chart

Seriously, I’ve no idea why I did not do it in the first place o_0. The sizes (it is the surface size when you multiply width by length) and prices are:

  • S – 1m² – $89
  • M – 1,4m² – $99
  • L – 2m² – $159
  • XL – 3m² – $179
  • XXL – 4m² – $279
  • XXXL – 6m² – $319

For example if the backdrop is 1,6m² it is size M because from 1,4m² to 1,99m² it is all M. If you’ve been following my shop for a while you might have noticed the prices for L+ size backdrops have really dropped.

T-shirt Bonuses

Basically if you buy any 2 backdrops size M or bigger you will get any Regular or Fluorescent T-shirt of your choice for free. And if you buy any 3 backdrops size M or bigger you will get any Regular, Fluorescent or All-Over-Print T-shirt of your choice.

Psilocybin World Work in Progress Fragment

More Backdrop Designs

Right now I’m working on a new artwork called “Pcilocybin World”. The fragment of it is in the header of this post and the picture above. I’m not going to tell you much about it for now but it is going to be one of my best artworks for sure. I’m putting a lot of effort into it and I’m using several techniques I did not use in my vector art before. So I’m looking forward releasing this design in near future!


Rearranging T-shirt Types

I’ve separated All-Over-Print tees from Regular-Print mostly because of the new free t-shirt feature I’ve been talking before.

Backdrop Designs to T-shirt Designs

Why not? I think every backdrop design should be transferred to an All-Over-Print T-shirt design so I’ll be doing it during next couple of weeks. And on the other side some of my Regular-Print T-shirt designs can work pretty well as backdrop designs if I add some details that will fill the whole body of the backdrop. Unfortunately it is time-consuming and I prefer to create new things rather than update old ones. But if you’d like me to upgrade some of my existing materials, please send me an email at .

Flyer Templates

I’m thinking of using some parts of my future backdrop to create a new psychedelic trance party poster/flyer template, a ticket design, a facebook event header and maybe an e-mail template (I’m not sure about it but why not?). So if you’re a person who runs psy events you could buy a set of products that will give your future party a more solid and branded look.

That’s all for now :) If you have any questions please drop me a line and I’ll be happy to answer!

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