June 18, 2017

Yantra, Spaceship and Aztec Sketch Poll

Muladhara Yantra Sketch by Andrei Verner

Muladhara Yantra, Alien Spaceship and Aztec Sketch

Hey guys! I’m sketching out a new artwork and I’m not sure what concept to pick to work with. Which one do you like better? Below are Muladhara Yantra, Alien Spaceship and Aztec Sketch and a poll to vote. Thanks in advance for the feedback!

Muladhara Yantra

Well this is mostly geometry and optical illusions. But I’m also thinking of adding some characters to make the scene more lively. Besides some small figures will add a feel of scale.

Muladhara Yantra Sketch by Andrei Verner

Alien Spaceship

This is a part of a bigger concept – a tunnel of hexagons. I really love biomechanics aesthetics but it will be awesome to add a positive aspect to the design. Otherwise it will result in a gruesome xenomorph environment.

Alien Spaceship Sketch by Andrei Verner

Aztec Temple

The funny thing about this design is it was generated by Jazza’s Arty Games. It randomly generates art challenges for character, environment and other designs. The program told me to draw an Aztec temple floating in space and featuring a flower. I really enjoy creating aztec art so I was pretty happy with such a challenge :)

Aztec Sketch by Andrei Verner

Thanks for your vote!

It would be awesome if you tell why you chose a particular sketch in the comments below!

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