August 1, 2020

Lord Ganesh, Mushroom Werewolves and Shub-Niggurath

Lord Ganesh and Electric Eels - Psychedelic Art by Andrei Verner- Work in Progress - Preview

One month has passed since the previous update. So what progress did I make?

First of all I have completed the “Magic Mushroom Werewolves” artwork that was originally called “Covid Werewolves”. After all the time I’ve spent working on it I’ve got really tired from the pandemic them (I guess you too!) so the magic mushrooms took over and I have transformed the moon character that was kinda like the covid virus into some sort of a weird shroomy character.

Magic Mushroom Werewolves - Psychedelic UV-Reactive Tapestry - Digital Painting

I have also adopted this artwork to the shape of the UV-reactive canopy for party decoration. There are 3 petal designs that together form 6 variations of the canopy.

Magic Mushroom Werewolves Psychedelic UV-Reactive Canopy - 12 petals set - Jaws&Moon

The other bing thing is I have made maybe 60-70% of the “Lord Ganesh and Electric Eels” artwork. Below is the current work in progress. I really like how the artwork is coming together but still there is quite a lot to do about it. Hopefully I will complete it by August 10th.

Lord Ganesh and Electric Eels - Psychedelic Art by Andrei Verner- Work in Progress

And here are the big news. I really want to focus on expanding my collection of prints and decoration products in my shop but I physically can not do it along with my solo-freelance career. So I decided to hire other artists who will be helping me grow my business. I would still be in charge of the concept part of each artwork and probably some finishing touches with fine ornaments and patterns. Plus I will be managing all the projects, running the website, social media and dealing with my production partners. So wish me luck!

Below is the sketch for the first artwork that I will be creating together with another artist. I decided to develop the Lovecraft theme since my Cthulhu artwork is being appreciated by many people – for some reason specially in the US. So this new artwork is called “Dark Ritual – Summoning Shub-Niggurath”. The artwork will be released in a couple of weeks so stay tuned for more trippy fantasy art!

Dark Ritual - Summoning Shub-Niggurath - Sketch by Andrei Verner

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