Psychedelic Ornaments Colouring Book 1 PDF



Hey guys! Thinking of how to spend a trippy evening? Are you tired of watching movies that you can not remember the next day? Or maybe you are ready to give up scrolling Facebook for hours?
Dive into the artistic process! Psychedelic colouring book is a simple and visionary way to evolve instead of going down the path of mental degradation.

Buy this pdf-version of my Psychedelic Colouring Book 1, print it on your home printer and start colouring right away with pencils, markers and paint!

The book contains 21 psychedelic ornaments that require different levels of skill to colour + great thoughts of Terence McKenna to contemplate on while you are colouring.

***Please note, this file is for personal use only. Any commercial without my permission is strictly prohibited.***


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