Floral Jungle Ornament Psychedelic Fluorescent Backdrop
Floral Jungle Ornament Psychedelic Fluorescent Backdrop

Floral Jungle Psychedelic Fluorescent Backdrop

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Product Description

Floral Jungle

Floral Jungle Ornament is one of my Abstract Jungle Ornament Series. It was created long ago in 2014 but I have never printed it. I’m sure it will be super-bright and trippy and it will benefit your psychedelic trance party or your personal chill out space. Since it is not printed yet and I don’t have any pictures of the real product the first buyer will get a nice discount of $15 :)

Backdrop technical details

  • The print on light textile is made with fluorescent paint so it glows in the UV (black) light.
  • The backdrop has loops on the corners so it’s easy to set up the deco.
  • Perfect for party decoration or for a chill out space.

This is a made to order product

It will take about 5-7 business days to print and sew the backdrop and a couple more days two ship.



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