Helping others

I want my art not only inspire people but also help someone. This is why I’m donating about 5% of my profit to activists who are helping people, animals and our planet in general and regular people in need. I believe in interdependence of everyone so it is very important to support positive causes. When you buy a T-shirt or a backdrop from my shop you can be sure you are also helping someone. Together we can change our collective life for better.

2016/10: Vera Karaseva

I’m supporting Vera Karaseva (Moscow, Russia). She has been struggling for the last 2 years to get an accurate diagnose. Vera is in great pain all this time and no one in Russia seams to know what to do with her. There is even no painkillers strong enough to give Vera a relief. So Vera has decided to search for treatment abroad. She needs about $20k that is way out her budget. You can support her directly at or if you buy anything in my shop.